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Motivate Self: about Malcolm Savage

My name is Malcolm Savage and born and raised in North Philadelphia. I attended the Charter H.S. for Architecture & Design. After H.S. I attended college at CSJ out Rutland, VT and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Accounting. After graduating from college, I got a job BNY Mellon as a customer service representative. After working there for a year, I realize that it was not for me and I wanted to start a business. The name for Savage Series 8 is defined as "To be a Savage you got to be FIERCE and to be FIERCE you got to have Courage." The number 8 represents the eight of us in my family: (3 brothers, 3 sisters, and my mother and father). Also, the "8" representing the infinity sign because we embrace the existence of everyone to continue to keep their courage throughout their lives.  

I wake up every morning with the mindset that it is a grand opening day.

Motivational Speeches