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"The designs you created are no doubt good enough, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs? ..."

 Fashion Design, and creating Savage Series 8 is a career that I decided to pursue from my sense of style between sportswear & high-end designer brands and decided to incorporate that to a more upscale design. I figured all the money I spent on other brands, I could invest that into an Urban style blended with high-end fabrics. We use 100% soft blended cotton to neoprene fabrics to create our products for a more comfortable fit when wearing it.

Savage Series 8 Logo

Savage Series 8 is defined as "To be a Savage you got to be FIERCE and to be FIERCE you got to have Courage."8" representing the infinity sign because we embrace the existence of everyone to continue to keep their courage throughout their lives.


The Motivate Self logo came about waking up every day, promoting, and expanding my brand. It represents myself not just 'cause those are my initials "Malcolm Savage," but because I have the ambition to achieve my goals. I want everyone to feel self motivated every time they wear this logo on them.

Neoprene Double-Sided Scuba
Neoprene fabric (blue)
Malcolm Savage

Malcolm Savage, Philadelphia, Pa

Savage Series 8 Logo T Shirt


Define Fashion?...

Fashion is limitless.


"The best part about being a fashion designer is I can explore my creativity, and be as creative as I want. Opinions, to me, don't really matter when you're creating something that you feel passionate about, it's an extension of yourself that can't be explained. But I am open to suggestions, I take it into consideration. Designing is the best part for me before anything. That’s how it all started, because creativity is limitless, and so is being fierce in what you wear."

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